For MACS Students

We welcome student assistants to work with us at UF Health Vitality Mind. Undergraduate colleagues are a “vital” part of our screening, testing, intervention and data management operations.

In general, the process of becoming involved with UF Health Vitality Mind is as follows.

1. After your initial contact, we will ask you to complete an undergraduate screening questionnaire:

Screening application for undergraduate research assistants (MS-Word; Interested students should complete and email to Dr. Butterfield)

2. We may follow up with a request for an in-person conversation.

3. All students must have at least four hours of consecutive availability each week (i.e., a morning [8-12] or afternoon [1-5] between Monday-Friday); more participation is usually possible.  We require at least a three-semester commitment. All study related activities, unless otherwise noted, take place at The Village campus.

4. If you are interested in obtaining course credit for volunteering, please inform Dr. Butterfield and she will provide you with further instruction.

5. Prior to commencing, all students are required by UF to complete a number of training/certification exercises.  These are described below.

  • Complete Volunteer Cover Sheet;  print and submit paper certificate. Please note, all information is required!
  • Complete UF Volunteer Form; print/complete/sign; be sure to complete name/relationship/phone number of two references in the “supervisor” section.
  • Complete UF Emergency Contact Form; print and include in packet.
  • Complete UF Confidentiality Statement; sign online; also print, sign, and submit paper statement
  • Complete Required IRB-01 Training (includes HIPAA for Research, Local IRB video, and NIH Research Protection training, plus required readings); print and submit proof of completion (may need to “Print Screen”, paste into a Word document, and then print).
  • Optional: Complete ; print and submit paper certificate.
  • Optional: Complete the CLP 3911 Introduction to Clinical Research registration form, have it signed by either Dr. Bowers OR Dr. Marsiske, and return it to the “Program Office” box located outside room 3158 within the Clinical and Health Psychology suite of 3151 (Clinical and Health Psychology is located on the 3rd floor of the HPNP building).