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Predoctoral training grant renewed

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A long-running predoctoral training program in cognitive aging has received a five-year grant renewal from the National Institute on Aging, which…

Older adults receiving cognitive training

CHP Doctoral Student, Lindsay Rotblatt, receives…

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Lindsay Rotblatt, MS (Mentor: Michael Marsiske) has received funding for an NIH F31 Kirschstein Individual Research Fellowship award for her…

Lindsay Rotblatt

CHP faculty members receive promotion and tenure

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Michael Marsiske was promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations to Drs. David Fedele and Adam J. Woods, who were announced as receiving tenure and…

Michael Marsiske

Research AREAS

Current Research

Cognitive Aging Trajectories: Cardiovascular Risk, White Matter, and Medication Predictors

Funded by the National Institute on Aging, the two-year dissertation study will examine the associations between cardiovascular risk (including both risk factors like hypertension and comorbidities like myocardial infarction), brain-based measures of vascular neuropathology (white matter hyperintensities in regions of interest), and trajectories of change across four cognitive domains (Memory, Attention, Executive Function/Processing Speed, and Language).

Lindsay Rotblatt and Michael Marsiske

Current Research

1Florida ADRC

We are a consortium of Florida institutions helping to change the current understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias from being incurable, inevitable and largely untreatable to a new reality in which these diseases are curable, preventable and treatable.

Elders attending a community lecture

Current Research

Augmenting Cognitive Training

The Augmenting Cognitive Training in Older Adults (ACT Study) evaluates the benefit of delivering adjunctive transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) when combined with cognitive training in older adults.

Augmenting cognitive training study

Welcome to my personal pages

Michael Marsiske, Ph.D.

Welcome to my personal pages. On these pages, you can get links to (a) course resources for my classes, (b) details about the National Institute on Aging-funded predoctoral research training program that I administer, (c) research and professional information about me and (d) links to organizations and individuals of current and historical relevance to me.

Michael Marsiske