NIA T32 Mentors

Experts in Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Cognition in Aging, MCI, & Alzheimer’s Disease

Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences

Lori Altmann, PhD

Language, executive function & basal ganglia disease; Exercise interventions on dual task processing in Parkinson’s disease

Lori Altmann

Clinical & Health Psychology

Stephen Anton, PhD

Health promotion, preventive medicine, & healthy weight management

Stephen Anton

Clinical & Health Psychology

Russell Bauer, PhD

Differential diagnosis & preclinical detection of dementia

Russell Bauer

Clinical & Health Psychology

Jeffrey Boissoneault, PhD

Experience of pain in people with alcoholic & substance abuse disorders

Jeff Boissoneault

Clinical & Health Psychology

Dawn Bowers, PhD

Neuropsychology of emotion, basal ganglia & limbic functions in emotion, TMS, psychophysiology, laterality, forensic neuropsychology

Dawn Bowers

Rehabilitation Science

Sherrilene Classen, PhD

Driving rehabilitation, neurological disorders, older adults, rehabilitation, measurement

Sherrilene Classen

Clinical & Health Psychology

Ronald Cohen, PhD

Neuroimaging, age-associated cognitive & brain dysfunction, neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, MCI)

Ronald Cohen


Linda Cottler, PhD

Epidemiology, addiction, community based research, interventions, health disparities, global health, & mentoring

Linda Cottler


Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, PhD

Mechanisms involved in age-related pain perception & modulation in humans

Yenisel CruzAlmeida


Steven DeKosky, PhD

Diagnosis, treatment & prevention of dementia & TBI; neurochemistry & genetics related to CNS regeneration

Steven DeKosky

Biomedical Engineering

Mingzhou Ding, PhD

Signal processing, oscillatory neural networks & neurobiological data

Mingzhou Ding


Natalie Ebner, PhD

Aging perspective on emotion, motivation & social cognition

Natalie Ebner

community dentistry

Roger Fillingim, PhD

Biological, social, & psychological factors that may influence the experience of pain

Roger Fillingim


Todd Golde, MD-PhD

Therapeutic approaches to neurodegenerative disease

Todd Golde

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Christopher Hass, PhD

Efficacy of intervention programs for improving quality of life, neuromechanical control, & disease progression in Parkinson’s disease

Chris Hass


Ann Horgas, PhD

Aging & pain management in persons with dementia

Ann Horgas

Clinical & Health Psychology

Shellie-Anne Levy, PhD

Cognitive changes in older adults with MCI & neurodegenerative disorders

Shellie-Ann Levy


Ben Lewis, PhD

Adapting cognitive training to improve outcomes for treatment-seeking adults with alcohol use disorders

Ben Lewis

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Todd Manini, PhD

Physical exercise to prevent disability in healthy & frail older adults; Assess the mechanisms leading to sarcopenia & functional decline

Todd Manini

Clinical & Health Psychology

Michael Marsiske, PhD

Cognitive aging & behavioral interventions strategies; statistical modeling

Michael Marsiske


Sara Nixon, PhD

Sex differences in addiction, aging, neurobehavior & neurophysiology

Sara Nixon


Marco Pahor, MD

Geriatric research, physical function, disability, epidemiology, randomized control trials

Marco Pahor

Clinical & Health Psychology

Eric Porges, PhD

Mechanisms of aging & healthy development across the lifespan

Eric Porges

Clinical & Health Psychology

Catherine Price, PhD

Role of white matter & subcortical gray matter on cognitive profiles of neurodegenerative diseases

Catherine Price

Clinical & Health Psychology

Mike Robinson, PhD

Health/medical psychology, assessment & management of pain, experimental pain & psychophysics, rehabilitation, psychophysiology

Michael Robinson

Clinical & Health Psychology

Glenn Smith, PhD

Cognitive aging & dementia

Glenn Smith


Catherine Striley, PhD

Increasing treatment for mental & behavioral health among community members

Catherine Striley

Clinical & Health Psychology

Jared Tanner, PhD

Morphometric properties of subcortical gray matter in aging & neurodegenerative disease

Jared Tanner

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

David Vaillancourt, PhD

Motor control, motor disorders, neurological disorders, brain structure & function

David Vaillancourt


John Williamson, PhD

Role of the central & peripheral nervous system in brain states & behavior

John Williamson

Clinical & Health Psychology

Adam Woods, PhD

Novel cognitive & neuro-inflammation neuroimaging biomarkers & intervention approaches

Adam Woods